Django default mail integration

If you use Django Mail Factory, you will definitly want to manage all your application mails from Django Mail Factory.

Even if your are using some Django generic views that send mails.

Password Reset Mail

Here is an example of how you can use Mail Factory with the django.contrib.auth.views.password_reset view.

You can first add this pattern in your


Then you can overload the default templates mails/password_reset/subject.txt and mails/password_reset/body.txt.

But you can also register your own PasswordResetMail:

from django.conf import settings
from mail_factory import factory
from mail_factory.contrib.auth.mails import PasswordResetMail
from myapp.mails import AppBaseMail, AppBaseMailForm

class PasswordResetMail(AppBaseMail, PasswordResetMail):
    """Add the App header + i18n for PasswordResetMail."""

class PasswordResetForm(AppBaseMailForm):
    class Meta:
        mail_class = PasswordResetMail
        initial = {'email': settings.ADMINS[0][1],
                   'domain': settings.SITE_URL.split('/')[2],
                   'site_name': settings.SITE_NAME,
                   'uid': u'4',
                   'user': 4,
                   'token': '3gg-37af4e5097565a629f2e',
                   'protocol': settings.SITE_URL.split('/')[0].rstrip(':')}

factory.register(PasswordResetMail, PasswordResetForm)

You can then update your to use this new form:

    {'email_template_name': 'password_reset'}),

The default PasswordResetMail is not registered in the factory so that people that don’t use it are not disturb.

If you want to use it as is, you can just register it in your app file like that:

from mail_factory import factory
from mail_factory.contrib.auth.mails import PasswordResetMail